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Friday, June 05, 2009

Multi-Cultural Weddings

This month I will be sharing with you what I have learned through my ongoing research and experience of Multi-Cultural Weddings. I enjoy learning about different cultures and the many different traditions that goes into the planning of specific cultures weddings. Coming from a multi-cultural background myself, I know how important it is to include specific traditions into your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception.

Wedding traditions are varied among every culture and faith and more and more couples who are tying the knot these days are in a multi-cultural relationship. As such, when they come to planning their wedding, it is not always a traditional white wedding, with western ideals and traditions. Multi-cultural weddings are more likely to incorporate different aspects of each person's culture and heritage.

The fact is with over 1.6 million multicultural marriages in the United States, it is apparent that multicultural weddings will be the trend of the future. While many couples prefer their weddings to be culturally neutral, others are facing the multiethnic issue face on and are incorporating both cultures in a unique style of their own. (, Frank Duru)

This month I will be sharing how two people from two cultural backgrounds incorporate their traditions in their wedding, how to plan a multicultural wedding, multicultural themes, and the difficulties interracial couples are facing when planning a wedding.

Planning a wedding is not easy for anyone. There are still many ways of getting help with difficult planning choices. Wedding planners, caterers, friends and family are excellent resources for designing a custom multicultural wedding. Weddings are personal experiences, and the best one's are the most unique. I hope you find this series of various cultures that I will be sharing with you in the coming months is both helpful and useful in planning your wedding, but for now...

Happy Planning!

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