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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Multicultural Wedding Favors

I was visiting a website and found information regarding Multicultural wedding ideas and wedding favors. It is becoming increasingly more common for couples of mixed background and ancestries to marry. Hence, there is more demand for creative ways to have a multicultural wedding. At any multicultural wedding each family’s traditions are both wonderful in themselves and important. Therefore, it is important to incorporate both cultures and not to neglect one culture while spotlighting the other. There are little ways to put special cultural touches to the wedding, including in such aspects as wedding favors, food, décor and entertainment. Even if the couple themselves don’t have strong ties to their individual cultures, it is important to consider the feelings of the family members. (Sara Macy of

One of the easiest ways to approach a multicultural wedding is to let one culture dominate the ceremony and the other the reception. Often the wedding ceremony takes place in the pride of the bride’s cultural and the wedding reception follows the traditions of the groom’s culture. The wedding reception can have traditional food, entertainment, and toasts to honor the cultural background. Many modern Asian American couples will have a traditional Asian wedding ceremony in tradition Asian wedding attire and then the wedding reception is usually a modern traditional American wedding reception.

As the wedding ceremony is of a spiritual nature for most cultures, it is often important to ensure the wedding attire, vows, music, décor and procedures of both the bride and groom as closely as possible. It is common to hold two ceremonies when the two cultures are extremely different. Couples often like to take separate religious vows at each of their given religious houses. Multicultural weddings are often elaborated and last several days in order to incorporate both cultures and events.

There are also innumerable ways to include both cultures at a wedding without lapsing into a multiple days wedding. One way is to have the bride and groom wear the traditional attire of one heritage, while proceeding down the aisle to traditional music of the other. Another take is to have the bride and groom dress according to each other’s cultural heritage. This will symbolize their total willingness to embrace one another’s traditions.

Wedding Favors

Another nice touch is to give out a little wedding favor at the ceremony to symbolize one culture and another wedding favor at the reception to symbolize the other culture.

Give out wedding favors from both cultures or mix it up. For example, at an American/Asian wedding give out truffles or all American M&M’s in a traditional Asian takeout favor box. Asian favors are very popular and inexpensive. Some pictures are below of a few Asian themed favors I found on

Double Happiness Wedding Favor Bag

Cherry Blossom Glass Coasters

Personalized Themed Cookie Jars

Wedding favors are one of the most creative ways to express yourselves and show gratitude to your guests. That is why it is important to be creative and symbolic with the multicultural wedding favors.

Multicultural weddings are on the rise. There is an increasing need to find thoughtful ways to blend two cultures so that wedding guests can cherish and enjoy the special day. Do you know anyone who has had a multicultural wedding? Care to share your experience? I would love to hear form you with your ideas or suggestions for wedding favor ideas for a multicultural wedding, but for now...

Happy Planning!

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