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Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Personalized Wedding Websites

A popular wedding trend is engaged couples setting up a personal wedding website. In 2010, 61% of registering couples used a wedding website to communicate registry information to their guests.

These websites generally feature information about their events, photos of the couple, as well as a brief description of how they met and got engaged. This is a great way to get to know the couple before their wedding and builds anticipation and excitement for the wedding. There are many sites out there that provide these services. I wanted to share some recommendations that are free to use: ~ This site allows you to have a personal web address on Couples can choose the free wedding website. With the free wedding website, it allows you to have your personal web address on; choose from unique new designs; tell your story; share your gift registry; and upload photos.

Note: does offer a premium wedding website which has a little more to offer such as your personal .com address (ex.; 30+ customizable designs; unlimited photo uploads; flash animation templates and music and video upload. This does, however, require a subscription. ~ This site is an affiliate of and also allows you to have a personal web address. Couples can share their gift registry (all your registries on one page); choose from 100+ color/design variations; tell your story; multiple photo upload + links to external photo albums; and shop matching wedding items. ~ This site allows you to create a personal website that offers unlimited photos, events, and RSVP's for your guest list. You can also post directions and registries. ~ This site allows you to choose a variety of different designs to personalize your page. It also has a feature wherein couples are able to introduce their wedding party to visitors on their site.

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Creating a personalized wedding website is a fun and creative way to share your story and give details of your upcoming wedding activities, photos, etc. There are so many types to choose from, and creating one will be as fun for your guests as you!

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  1. It's good having free wedding website because couples may not budget extra money regarding personalizing their wedding site but if they really want an outstanding site , they can call up for a expert wedding web designer that will set their thoughts to the site :)