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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas for Engaged Couples

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and now that you are engaged and probably overwhelmed with all the wedding planning, I'm sure you are wondering what you should get your future husband or wife for Valentine's Day.

As I was searching for unique Valentine ideas for couples, I found this article on 5 Ways Celebrating Valentine's Day Can Help You With Wedding Planning, by Nina Callway on  I wanted to share with you three ideas from that article on how Valentine's Day can help you with your wedding planning:

Take Pen to Paper. Who doesn't like to receive a nice love letter or even written words in a card. Nina Callway states, "even the act of writing one can heighten the romance as you remember all the reasons you fell in love in the first place." If you weren't thinking about it, this can also help you in writing your wedding vows.

Practice Your First Kiss. "Sharing a kiss on Valentine's Day is practically mandatory," states Nina. She also goes on to say that this is a good time to practice how you'll kiss at the alter. What's the harm in practicing your wedding kiss the entire day?

May I Have This Dance? Dancing to me is a way two people can interact with one another to the beat of beautiful music and tune the rest of the world out. On Valentine's Day, you can practice your first dance with one another and if you find that neither one of you have rhythm, then now may be a good time to check out some dance schools that offer lessons for your wedding day. One dance school that I like is Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Arthur Murray Dance Studios specializes in wedding lessons and has various locations in the Chicagoland area. This is also a good time to discuss your first dance song.

~ courtesy of Arthur Murray Dance Studio (Chicago)

If you are getting married this year, now is the time to consider these three things.  Keep in mind that your schedule will get very hectic as the wedding day approaches.  Best advice I can give is don't wait until the last minute.

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