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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adding "Bling" to Your Closet with Hangers

In addition to the many clothes that adorn our closets ladies, how about adding a little "bling" to your closet with hangers, yes hangers.  During my search for locating luxury vendors for An Intimate Bridal Affair Chicago, I came across Hangers Couture.  Hangers Couture are designer beaded hangers and a are a great way to display find garments or delicate fabrics, and will add that feminine touch to any Bride or Bridesmaid's closet and home.

Hangers Couture was founded by Brittney Zeller.  She was inspired by a trip to Scandinavia. Exploring her family roots brought her to a quaint seaside village in Sweden.  She came upon a boutique that carried linens and home decor also had a beautiful display of lingerie and plush robes all hanging on elegant beaded hangers. The hangers drew her to the display, as she had never seen clothes showcased in such an exquisite way. Throughout the rest of her travels in Scandinavia, she found that displaying clothes on beaded hangers was not unique to that one store. Realizing that she had never seen them in the United States, she wanted to find a way to bring them to closets and boutiques stateside.

Always Struggling to find unique gifts for occasions such as: baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, holidays, house warming gifts, just to name a few, Brittney realized these unique hangers are the perfect gift for the "girl that has everything." They add "bling" to your closet, and are a great way to display your beautiful wardrobe. They are also functional by preventing thin straps from slipping. If you are looking to create the "wow" factor at your next gift giving event, Hangers Couture is your answer.

I am so humbled and honored to have Hangers Couture at An Intimate Bridal Affair in January.  If you are a bride to be you have the opportunity to meet Brittney and see for yourself the beautiful couture hangers that she has to offer.

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