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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The First Dance...

The first dance at the wedding reception is just about as important for some brides as picking out their wedding gown. Today, many dance schools offer "wedding" dance lessons and what I found during my research of dance schools that wedding packages are very reasonably price. So if you are concerned about your budget, don't be, because on the day of your wedding, you will have absolutely no regrets for taking those much needed dance lessons.

One school I came across located in the south suburbs is
Heart & Sole Dance (Tinley Park, IL). Their professional staff caters to you, working with you every (graceful) step of the way to make your day the most memorable possible! They often have Wedding Dance Workshops for couples. This popular 90 minute workshop is specifically tailored for wedding couples to learn steps, timing, presentation, and grace on the dance floor. Submerge yourself with other wedding couples, share the same dance experience and build your confidence on the dance floor.

If you join their regular class, they will help you with...

* Choosing a song
* Teaching you to move in rhythm with each other
* Picking the perfect dance for you and your song
* Creating unique choreography - the best combinations of moves for you
* Getting you comfortable and confident with every aspect of your dance
* Teaching you additional dances for later in the evening
* Working with your entire bridal party
* Helping ‘mom and dad’
* Tips on dancing in your dress and heels
* Personalized one-on-one attention to YOUR details

I especially like their "5Tips for a WINNING Wedding Dance"

1. Pick your song carefully.
2. Plan a beginning and an end.
3. Start well in advance (usually 6 months before your wedding date).
4. Have fun practicing.
5. Talk to your DJ and photographer (It is important that they are aware what you two are up to).

I will quote Heart & Sole's parting words as I could not say it better, "Your dance, no matter what you do, will be a beautiful expression of your love, and a great symbol of your future life together. Your guests will love anything you do, and be impressed by any extra effort you make. They love you and are pre-disposed to be happy for you on your wedding day. So bring joy and love into your dance, don’t sweat the small stuff, and enjoy it all!"

There are many dance schools in the City of Chicago and suburbs so no matter what part of Illinois you live in, I can find you a school to accommodate you and your specific needs. If you are interested in dance lessons or have any questions regarding dance lessons, please do not hesitate to email me direct at Remember, your dance is an expression of your love...

Happy Planning!

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  1. Great Tips! We started looking for our first song almost as soon as we got engaged! I think we've found what we were looking for! Now, it's time to practice. We have until September so we should be fine....or not...we'll see :-)