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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"What's Your Specialty?"

I specialize in weddings
. My "About Me" section sums up exactly what I specialize in:
"Candace enjoys creating stylish, sophisticated, and elegant events for her clients. She believes in turning your dreams into reality and prides herself with her meticulous attention to detail to ensure that your event is nothing else but fabulous." I do not have a specific type of wedding that I specialize in because as a wedding consultant I will plan any wedding. Whether it's a Jewish wedding, Irish wedding, Indian wedding, African wedding, Asian wedding, African-American wedding, or just a regular 'ole traditional wedding, as it states above I create stylish, sophisticated and elegant events for ALL of my clients.

I absolutely love weddings and I welcome all cultures. This is a common question asked of potential clients and after being asked this question a few times, I decided to share my answer in my blog.

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During this journey of wedding planning, I have learned so many things about different cultures. As a wedding consultant, it is important that we learn, research, and study about different cultures because every culture is different especially when a wedding is concerned. I have spent hours learning about different cultures and have reached out to vendors (designers in particular) and venues (most will host a cultural and multicultural wedding/reception) who specialize in cultural weddings and/or multicultural weddings/reception. I especially enjoy planning multicultural weddings because I love how two different cultures blend together their beliefs and culture into their wedding ceremony and/or reception.

For me, planning a cultural and/or multicultural wedding is exciting because of the opportunity of working and meeting different vendors who specialize in that particular culture and meeting the bride and groom and hearing their story, etc. I love it. For instance, there is so much that goes into planning an Indian wedding and more involved if the bride and/or groom is Indian and marrying someone of another cultural background. Most of the time in these cases, both individuals want to incorporate their beliefs and culture in the ceremony and reception.

Though I do not specialize in Indian weddings, I do specialize in weddings and I have extensive knowledge and resources from research, attending Indian weddings, attending Indian wedding shows and working with vendors who specialize in Indian weddings (designers, Henna artists, restaurants, etc.). I am also a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants which exclusively serves wedding professionals and trains wedding coordinators. It is our responsibility as an ABC member to attend seminars so that we are kept current on wedding trends, etc.

It is so important to be knowledgeable in all areas of wedding planning because as a wedding planner, we want our clients and/or potential clients to feel confident that we will make their dream wedding become a reality. Whatever wedding assignment I am given, with my knowledge and understanding of various cultures, I will make their dream wedding a reality and can't wait to make yours come true ~ but for now...

Happy Planning!

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