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Monday, September 19, 2011

Boudoir Photography :: A Boudoir Experience for the Bride

Boudoir :: is French for a woman's private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom, a place where a woman is able to decorate in rich colors, an enjoyable place where a woman can dress leisurely, a relaxing place.

The latest phenomena that I've been seeing on my journey of wedding planning is boudoir photography for the bride. One may think that this is too sexy or sensual for a bride to partake in. Well it sounds sexy because it is, however, it's really about letting your inner sexiness out that's been screaming for months and for years to come out.

What is Boudoir Photography?

According to, "boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all. They're hardly X-rated though, but rather PG-13 -- as in classic pinup-inspired pics, or what the pros call 'implied nudes.' That means you're not wearing anything, but you're also not showing off anything either (think shot from the back, or lying on your stomach)."

Boudoir photographs take place in the privacy of your home, your bedroom or in the space you choose.  This really depends on your level of comfort.  You are able to make these photographs sultry, sexy, playful, or all of the above.  Your boudoir photographs would be the perfect gift to your soon to be husband.

There are wedding photographers who specialize in boudoir photography and there are photographers who specialize in boudoir photography exclusively.  Whatever your level of comfort is will be based on you choose to be your boudoir photographer.  I have seen that most photographers who specialize in it are female photographers. 

There will of course be a Boudoir photographer present at An Intimate Bridal Affair in Chicago on January 25, 2012, as well as the other events that will take place in Miami, New York, Atlanta, DC and Houston.  So for those brides-to-be who are interested and not afraid to let their sexy out for their soon to be husband, this will be the perfect place to be to have one on one consultations with a boudoir photographer.

Quote of the Day:  It was a woman's bedroom, actually a boudoir, and no man belonged in it except by invitation. ~Kathleen Winsor

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