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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Importance of Wedding Insurance

I was asked recently to write an article about wedding insurance and wanted to share with couples the importance of obtaining wedding insurance.  When planning a wedding, purchasing wedding insurance is the last thing on many couples minds. Wedding Insurance is an additional cost that many couples do not want to think about. However, that additional purchase protects the investment of couples from an unexpected and unforeseen emergency.  Here are a few reasons why.

Wedding Insurance Protects Against the Risk of Legal Damages

Something bad happening at the wedding is the last thing couples want to think about, but sometimes mishaps happen. For example, in the event a couple has to cancel or postpone their wedding, event cancellation coverage protects a couple from owing any money to the venue.

Some Venues Require That You Purchase Liability Insurance

Wedding venues such as loft spaces and art galleries often require couples to purchase policies, especially when alcohol is served. While these circumstances vary based on the specific details of the venue, it is important that DIY brides review rental contracts to determine relevant requirements.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong at Our Wedding?

If something does go wrong, costs add up and better safe than sorry. Some things to ponder: wedding photos could get damaged or stolen, property damage done at the venue, wedding dress damaged are just a few things that can happen and who will be held responsible, the bride and groom.

Purchasing a home or car is an important investment many couples make sure are protected. A wedding should be looked upon the same way, an investment. There are many online resources that can assist you in purchasing wedding insurance to protect any couple from loss or damages.  Keep in mind your wedding is an important investment just like your car or home and a lot of time and money have been put in planning this special day.

Before your wedding, just ask yourselves:  what if the bridal salon loses your dress? Or your caterer backs out? Or severe weather rolls in? Wedding insurance can protect your special day.

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